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Upload a video, then save it to the Hard Disk.

I use "Google Chrome," as a browser. After "let all this video run: [https://f.vimeocdn.com/p/flash/moogaloop/6.4.3/moogaloop.swf?clip\_id=36765199](https://f.vimeocdn.com/ P / flash / moogaloop / 6.4.3 / moogaloop.swf? Clip_id = 36765199), "you would need to be able to" save "it to your hard drive. Then you can run it offline. Can I do it, how? ... And, do I need any additional software, other than the Windows 8.1 standard, for this task? ...


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You can use the Chrome extension "GetThemAll Downloader" to download the video


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