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Identify, classify and explain it kind of fallacy that is contained in the expression and the type of reasoning

Given the following exercises, select one of them to identify, classify and explain the kind of fallacy that is contained in the expression and the type of reasoning that is used to. "It is logical that disagrees with that is an increase in the number of weeks of contribution in order to obtain the pension, if you have little time to meet the age of retirement". b. "The Military Forces are like the human body, therefore, as there is the brain is the only organ that makes decisions for the functioning of the other organs, the soldiers (the other organs) don't need to think or make decisions." c. " - how do You like Mathematical Logic? – It is a discipline that is fascinating, I am always researching and have fun learning new processes. It is a good discipline and I can guarantee the results obtained through its use, is more of what I always hoped to learn of a discipline of knowledge." d. "What can you know of the economic difficulties of a family, the heiresses of the Hilton empire that always have had it all economically?" e. "I started out a sore muscle by the routine of fitness that I did, I unté the ointment that I advised my trainer. The pain in the muscles that are happened to me; the ointment is effective".


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