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The number of births and deaths total growing?

Although the birth and mortality rates to fall gradually, would the number of births and deaths total climbs to grow the number of global inhabitants? I.e., that although now die fewer people per 1000 people (mortality rate), having much more global population with respect to decades and centuries earlier, reduces the number of total deaths, is maintains or increases?


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Effectively increases, while the total population to do so as well. In the relative data (rates), actually experienced a decline in the mortality rate (for the various reasons, such as increased access of the world's population to health care, improved sanitation, etc..) and although the birth rate has declined, it is still higher than mortality so the population increases and that is why gradually, the number of deaths in absolute terms also increases (step I say unto you, that you also do so in terms of total births) If I was useful information, valórala. :D


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