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That documentation is there to prove to capitalize on unemployment?

I have to capitalize on the arrest the next month and I need to know which documentation I need to prove to ask for it. Let Me explain : My dad sells me his license for taxi and also the car and I have to make a document (a manager has said to me a contract of purchase-sale and another manager has told me a bill) for filing in the offices of sepe the day that you can touch. My doubt is that if I have to go through a manager to be in charge of this, or we can do between my father and I the contract by taking a model of the internet, and then you would have to register at some site to have face value to the treasury? Managers to charge me at least 300 euros to perform this management and all the paperwork for the name change of license and car, a price which seems to me too high for it.


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I recommend you go to finance first and ask there are documents that they require. Nothing will serve you do anything, if they do not validate documents that you will present. Just then, find the best way to do what you suggest. It is even likely that they have some way to reduce costs in the event that this process is somewhat common.


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