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Should a business manager know about human resources?

I want to go to a high school technique, and educational offerings that offer are, human resources, logistics and accounting management and I want if know if some of these are linked to be business manager which is what I want to know


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A business manager must know more than the devil's... at all. I, as an Administrator, I've even needed to know psychology and even mechanical engineering of cars (for the vehicle fleet and its maintenance). I also needed to know of kitchen (to calculate a budget and decide whether to hire cooks or ask for service. You have to know finance, sales, and even computing (technology), apart from what you mention. There is No way that an administrator does not know to solve any problem or need of a modern company. Even to choose cell (means of communication) or notepad/notebook (information processing laptop), it is necessary to have knowledge. Study and learn all that you can, because ultimate you will need. It begins so soon as you need to, but don't stop there. NOTE: to Learn English (and some other language) is also important.


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Yes and a lot. An administrator of **_empresas competent has to be integral_** and that means that you have to know everything and to recognize the tasks of each one of the trades/jobs that are there in the company, going through classes, sewing and cosmetólogia, nurse, dietitian, deportólogo, scientologist in other words, "to be able to change a dirty diaper with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind our back". This profession is one that allows the company to sustain itself in a market as competitive and with as many sick days due to stress.


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A business administrator must all inherent to his position, but his knowledge does not have to be universal. Where their knowledge do not arrive there must be a professional in this industry that advice and help, but should not be in possession of universal knowledge.


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