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Can I lose my seniority if the company changes company name?

Levo nearly eight years working in the company and at the start of the new year they changed the company name. Not be communicated to the employees, but when I signed the payroll, I realized that I had lowered the payroll. I looked at other payroll that I had at home and I realized that I had lowered the age and I collected the I. R. P. F. That I used to discount. We asked the owner and the response was that as they changed their company because we had no seniority. In the payroll continues to be the date of when I started working for the company, almost eight years ago.


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The mere change in the corporate name of the company is not reason to delete the age of a worker, in addition to a similar change should have been notified in good time. They must in addition, regularizing their situation with income tax or otherwise timely discount income statement you would pay. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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If business name or company name has changed, your boss should have notified it is written and, in turn, have made signing a letter as part of that company that change doesn't care. Now, you can deny to sign this written and their heads you would have that pay seniority, if you sign it without more antiquity is excluded as well as the former company. And that's, I guess, that you have gained less this month.


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