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Lovebirds and parakeets can be gubtar

I have several pairs of lovebirds all individual separate cage and wanted to put a couple of parakeets in another cage wanted to know if it affected you lovebirds breeding new arrival of the parrots that are of another species, a greeting


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If you will not put them together in a same lovebirds and parakeets cage no problem, put them each species side by side in different cages has no problem. Greetings, and please your orders always ends and rate this answer if it is that you don't have any other doubt or question.


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I don't understand if what you want to do is to gather the parakeets in the same cage that the apagornis. The decision is that of the apagornis, as they decide whether to accept a new member in your territory, put the parakeets in cages different and observe the reaction of these. It is possible that at the beginning are a little surly but observalos in a few days. If you see that don't say anything, you try to put them in the same cage but little by little first board of the cages pasted one to the other and so you can see if you want to attack or get to know, and little by little you'll be able to put together


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