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Are you can claim in hairdressing?

Yesterday I was in a barber to cut dye and highlights, was a disaster in all the senses, had made an appointment and the girl did not know that I had to leave an hour until I remembered, the result was that the color is not the one that had materialised, m have left a blond, having said the same hairdresser that my eyebrows were very dark and in summer it was better a shade darker. The mrchas should be fine to give luminosity and in areas very noticeable. The thing is that for the price, 150€, I went with wet hair, frizzy when it is dried up and an hour late for work. Can I request the return of the dye and wicks? The court, yes I like it, I would pay, but what others don't, because that is not what we agreed to, and m took special shampoo without asking you, and plix, when m not combed. Noquiero q m fixed, m not like the service, I arrived with the shirt full of hair, wet... And catches me very far.


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Call them and tell them you want a postback even the peina also if they refuse contact an attorney and there seeks more money for physical damage, etc... Luck and greetings. I hope that my answer is correct and satisfactory. I would ask to evaluate my answer even if it is with a good by that try to help you.


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