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How to clean the teeth of my dog

I would like to know a method home to clean the teeth of my dog of 1 year and a half... And tried to do it with toothpaste and a brush, but not leaves, have bad breath and his teeth are yellow...


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Wash the mouth to a dog is usually complicated if you haven't used puppy so you must first make it get used to you touching their snouts and teeth that you understand that what you do for his sake. Otherwise you could, in extreme cases, biting. Once your dog is accustomed to the manipulation of its snout look at this video that place at the end of the answer given in the abstract as you do this, and which type of pasta to use. The teeth of humans are not like dogs other than some chemicals that have pasta human can poison your dog, so you must not use toothpaste human in a dog!. [As Labar Teeth of a Dog](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf7XEVZ0W3k)


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If you have bad breath can be due to an infection or for processed food is junk and cause putrefaction in the stomach. Dogs and cats are carnivores and to stay healthy and with the energy they need to eat raw food (meat, egg yolk, cheese without salt...). More info on book: [http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf](http://sensacionex.net/100-Libros-de-Salud-en-1.pdf)


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In the specialized shops sell a few sweets for dogs that have the form of a toothbrush. They tend to be quite effective to clean something and prevent more tartar. Not a substitute for cleaning that have a specialist, but if it is true that something clean. [Safe Pet](http://www.yccseguros.es/seguros-de-mascotas.html)


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