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How to make a dog along with a cat?

I have two female dogs a year. And I have a cat also that state since before the arrival of the dogs. Since the arrival of the dogs are next to the cat, but are a little abrupt, and sometimes I don't know if they want to bite the cat or playing with the. How is if they want to bite or not, and as I teach her to not do anything?


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Make a cat to adapt to a drastic change in life is VERY DIFFICULT! But it is not impossible for the process to take a lot of time and work, especially if the dog is a large breed it is easier to control what your dog does what your cat does for obvious reasons be much more easy to train the best way to get a cat to adapt to living with a dog is that the two are pups from small and to live together getting used to the smell of each one similar to the dog as part of the herd and the cat as an ally and not an enemy, my recommendation would be to teach the dog to respect the space of the cat when the dog bends the ears to the mode of hunting rebuke him for that, another method is unorthodox is to make the dog smell like cat, cats mark their territory with their scent if the dog smells the cat the cat assimilates as part of its properties and will not cause any harm if it's a cat might even adopt it if it is a puppy, now if the two are already great your best option will be train the dog to not attack the cat.


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