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I want to know the origin of the name LOSTAL

I would like to know the origin and information of the surname LOSTAL. I know that there is a small village in Zaragoza, Spain, called Mezalocha in which many of its inhabitants possess. Before the christians there was muslim and then converted. What you can do to stay since then? But Felipe III decreed their expulsion, allegedly disappeared from there. Any contribution I will be of great help. I want to make a gift to my family.


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The last name Lostal has information of their heraldry, their history and their genealogy. We put at your disposal the bibliographic sources and other heraldic motifs, that are a start of the face to the study of this surname. The surname **Lostal** has a heraldic shield or coat of arms Spanish, certified by the Reporter and Dean, King of Arms Don Vicente de Cadenas and Vicent. Although not known to people with the last name Lostal prove their nobility in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, this does not rule out their nobility or the probanza de hidalguía in other Chancillerías and Military Orders. Bibliography that contains the history and the coat of arms of the surname Lostal: Repertoire of Blazons of the Hispanic Community, the Chronicler, and Dean, King of Arms Don Vicente de Cadenas and Vicent. The last name Lostal appears picked up by the Chronicler and Dean, King of Arms, Don Vicente Chains and Vincent, in his "Repertoire of Blazons of the Hispanic Community", that means that the lineage Lostal has weapons officers certified by the King of Weapons. That Repertoire of Blazons of the Hispanic Community is the greatest work of heraldry Spanish, where appear the names, with their heraldry as the family name Lostal, sorted alphabetically, with their shields. In this work we have included the contents of many manuscripts of the National Library of Madrid, and corresponding to Minutarios of Kings of Arms and picks up surnames as Lostal are Spanish or very bound by some or other reasons to Spain, so the last name Lostal are in this predicament. Also add thousands of heraldic shields and heraldry from various Sections of the National Historical Archive, as well as of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, and Meeting the Hijodalgos and of Biscay, etc In summary, the last Lostal have done some test of nobility or hidalguía.


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