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What books to recommend, that are intellectual, that will help to improve our lexicon?

What do you recommend? I look for books that will help to improve my vocabulary, I want to increase my vocabulary, learn new words in order to express themselves with more clarity and accuracy...


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Paulo Coelho or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


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In the first place I would advise buscases books of a topic that you find interesting. After, it is important that you seek the works of authors that avoid vulgarismos and jargon if you write in Spanish, and in the case of authors of English-speaking or other, it is interesting to go to the published in the first half of the XX century, such as H. G. Wells or John Wyndham, Arthur C. Clarke, something more late... (if you like Science Fiction, for example); George Orwell's... they Were writers who wrote with much correction and is expressed in a manner very close to the rules. Authors such as Mary Shelley or Edgar Allan Poe, something previous to the above, were expressions of very interesting and aesthetic. I have quoted only a few minimal examples, very recognizable, but there are plenty of authors that, by the language used and their expressions contribute to enrich, without doubt. Personally, I'll stick with the authors of non-English because the translations are usually adjusted much to the rules. The authors of the Spanish-speaking (Gabriel García Márquez, Cortázar and many contemporary spaniards) tend to use words vulgarismos, localisms, etc., which is interesting to know but are not valid in all areas.


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