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I have a seat ibiza tdi 1900de 90 HP, year 1998

I've noticed for a couple of months that car loses power, it is rare that it does when it pleases like this two or three days and is perfect as I stop it and suddenly loses the power mechanic has made relevant checks with the computer and get everything perfect where it can come the avaria appreciate answered me would be very helpful.


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From what you say, that are not memorized failures in the management, I can only think of two possibilities, or a problem with the air mass meter or a problem of a blown turbo. It is true that the problem of blown turbo covers many issues. The first thing would be to measure the pressure of blowing the turbo in a road test, and if it is confirmed that the engine does not blow start to investigate the reason. If the problem is sporadic, review the catalyst. It was quite common that he would unleash the ceramic monolith, moved and blocked the exhaust. As a result the engine does not breathe well and the turbo is not blowing properly.


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