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What kind of food and drinks would be served in an imaginary restaurant called "Crazy Croc"?

What kind of food, drinks and alcohol would be served? What would the place be like? Where on the planet could this place be and why? I imagine the logo as a caricature crocodile something nice and crazy but I do not know how exactly it would be, I was chatting and I cross the idea, actually this question is more out of curiosity and entertainment than anything else, talk, please do not know Misrepresent and become rude and similar.


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I think that the features of your restaurant should be the most original and brilliant ever known. The ceiling of your imagination is the sky, so that all you have to bring into reality everything that you can think of to make your business a site unique in its style and above all very successful. I would recommend mixtures of beverages that do not sell on other sites, as well as dishes unique, aphrodisiacs., fast food, gourmet and a la carte, or a wide range of options to the customers, but with a touch unique and personal to you Crazy Croc. Like I said the imagination is unlimited. The logo could be a crocodile jumping up and down and their eyes that make them appear cross-eyed. Well I hope that you manage to collect all the items for your business imaginary and many successes. Greetings and here always at your command.


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For me it would be all cooked cold, with nitrogen probably


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