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I'm starting to use brand cameras, and I want to record Blogs, for Youtube, but not, that program use? And easy?

Questions about program to edit video Blogs, and easy to use


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If you want to edit the program more easy, professional and cheap is the **FILMORA 7** of the company Wondershare. Serves both Windows and Mac. I know many youtubers 50,000 subcriptores up that use it. I recommend paying it because part of it is cheap you updated with many improvements... If you want one more professional would use **Vegas Pro 13** of the Sony company. Pretty face, not lower than 500€ and the pirated version is far from stable, the day opens and the other does not export... you Need a computer powerful enough to use it fluently, and works only in Windows. They are using YouTubers as AuronPlay, theGrefg, Wismichu... Another alternative would be the **Premiere** of Adobe, more expensive still. I hiría **WONDERSHARE FILMORA**. Editor powerful, good, cheap and that works very well, it even supports 4K, and effects such as the CHROMA, or the interpolation of several videos.


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