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How to pass color photos to black and white

I'd like to know how to move pictures that I have made with the digital camera black and white that seem photos as that we did in the past


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It is very simple, but it is necessary that you use a photo retouching program. The most well-known is Photoshop. You can bajártelo as a trial version for 30 days on any page download type softonic.com.There are some program like the GIMP which is absolutely free and safe that allows you to do the same. With Photoshop, once you open the photo, open the drop-down menu image mode choose grayscale. It is possible that the image is a bit poor contrast. If so, you can try on the menu image, adjust, auto levels. You can also make the image to have any dominant, as the old photographs in sepia. For this you'd have to pass now the image black-and-white to color (RGB for example) and then go to Image-adjust-variations. A window will appear in which you can add tints to your photos until you get the desired color. Then save the file, and bring it to a store for developing.


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