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Pay in hand at ford I exclude pive plan?

I wanted to buy a ford kuga and welcome me to the pive8 plan but it turns out that I can only leave if financed car and I want to pay in hand. It is legal that they do?, since in other brands it is indifferent as you pay.


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I am afraid that this Government sack a law which prohibits pay more than €2,500 in cash to buy anything, has to be done through a bank. [http://finanzas-personales.practicopedia.lainformacion.com/compras/como-saber-cuando-puedes-pagar-mas-de-2500-euros-en-efectivo-18120] (http://finanzas-personales.practicopedia.lainformacion.com/compras/como-saber-cuando-puedes-pagar-mas-de-2500-euros-en-efectivo-18120) That Yes, you can not oblige finance it


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