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Digital game scam ps3. What I do?

**Well, that that and bought a digital game and they have washed their hands, the seller is from ebay and has eaten my 18€ that I've paid by paypal estafandome and putting my excuses to buy the account to get off the game and change my password and leave me without a game and telling me that he also have cheated and don't complain so much and I just want my game or my money and I am empty handed. What can I do? I have open claims on paypal and complaints to ebay and nothing I don't respond.**


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If you have bought on Ebay and paid with Paypal, you have possibilities! I had a similar problem, but with another type of product, and to call directly to Paypal spain, and it turns out that they have a contract with Ebay if there are scams, of this I speak to you 2 years ago, but surely now continue! Call directly to Paypal, because the claims we all know with the slowness that work! On the other hand, I buy the digital games from ps4 to a few guys on twitter, who also sell Ps3 games and they are reliable 100%, I've already bought four games and perfect! @Digital\_PS3\_ If you can't recommend this I apologize and if so, delete it!


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