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Differences in diagnostic problems in Megane II 1.5 dci. Is turbo/injectors/clutch...?

I have a Megane II Grand Tour of the year 2007, 1.5 dCI with 240,000 kms, bought it with 120,000 kms 5 years ago. In 2013 I changed the EGR. I do all the maintenance. A month ago I changed timing belt, and changed filters of diesel. Threw some black smoke, and to verify, I put fluid to clean injectors. Made effect and almost ceased to smoke. A few days ago began again the black smoke (stain of soot to the rear), and I began to feel other symptoms. It started to make noise when accelerating, already in progress. It is not in the vacuum, only when I'm in motion and I want to make power suddenly. If I'm going to rise gradually, at low revs it does not, but does not get to take a lot of speed (in a straight line can reach 120, but after a good while). The noise does not seem to be the typical "hiss" of the turbo, but as if it were a bearing that was "humming". Obviously, you do not have power. Speed it up, even using a lower gear, is to make more noise and much black smoke, but the acceleration rate is very low. On the other hand, feel blues, power to the walk-up regular. That is to say, they are not pulling as when one takes in high gear at low revs, but a slight decrease of power, very elastic and short, as if desacelerase for half a second. My doubt is that what I have done to see for the two mechanics. I thought that they could be the injectors, but I say that the injectors don't make noise. One says that it may be the turbo, and in that case you have to change it completely. And the other says that it may be the clutch (I never did maintenance, I don't know before buying it). I would appreciate any guidance for any proof, or comment on what diagnosis is the most likely.


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It may be the turbo that is this gripando bearings riding is what sounds like more by it! [] (//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/f744680e023af4beda62007e01d0aa34.gif)que comment


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Ignore me in what I have to say, take it to your mechanic and tell him that you pour into the inlet line spray cleans admissions, you take away her air filter and put it at 3500 rpm and that it take the spray tube, will leave a black zorreron of hell, then put the filter again and salt road and ask for testing It will be like new, ignore me and do it, is that, now I'll say


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