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My laptop has a problem, I do not know if I buy another one or have it repaired

The laptop when I use it, it starts to warm up in less than 5 minutes, it turns off or the screen goes black, and it is not removed anymore, I have to turn it off and on or wait for it to cool down, it has always been slow and sometimes It has turned itself off. I was thinking of having it formatted and put the windows xp, since currently has windows 7 and as it is a 1gb ram I thought it would get faster with windows xp. What do you recommend me to do, take it to repair or buy another?


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As I commented to the fellow experts, it is very likely that this dirty especially the part of the ventilation, it is important to know if the problem has the computer ever since he installed the win 7, or is generated after since sometimes the excessive demand of Ram or Processor can also cause overheating and this can be seen from that the system is installed, if the computer already came with the system and before there was no problems we have two options, this dirty or you have too many programs running in the foreground or background it must be borne in mind that the amount of open programs is related directly to the temperature of processor and memory. I would recommend that if you change the system by win xp since, apart from overheating you'll get a better performance as the memory minimum ram required is 1 gb but this leaves very limited ram for programs, while windows xp can run with 64 megs, and the optima is 512 so that your pc won't need anything to work well. It would be good if you asked some technical as soon as charges for the maintenance of the components and the installation of win xp, so personally I commented that I have a pc with a pentium 4 and 2 gb of ram and works great no locks or heated prior to the tube with 1 gb and never gave problems and definitely you should come out cheaper to fix that than to buy a good, but if you have the money for much better to have a new computer that is if the ram that I recommend is a minimum of 4 GB and an Intel i5 would not be wrong or his counterpart from AMD, if you do not have enough for something like this I recommend you to pull yourself together the current and save you to make a good investment, a pc with less requirements could become something short or not make much of a difference from the one that you currently have. If you have any doubt about it I'll be on the lookout to be able to help you.


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For what you mention your laptop suffers from calentameinto and that makes it to turn off is probably very dirty ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/007ba14e48528a18da69a14ad430bd68.jpg) ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/7cf732fe61a3d7277def5406279c0816.jpg) ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/6bd525981d97948bebefc80420340e16.jpg) Sometimes it is good to give a good maintenance and put paste heat sink on top of chip and video processor and lubricate the fan. And use a Cooler or a cooling stand for your team. But if this be assessed the change of equipment if your laptop already has many years and going to be the image of this implicaria you hiciran reballing resoldado chip video. But that is a major issue and to consider if the cost of this is good for the service that your team will pay.


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Which version of windows is (x86 or x64.


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