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Where to look for the job of my dreams?

Experts. I hope you can help me to solve a frustration and distress that have me quite concerned. My case is the following: I'm an engineer so, I majored in design and I have reached the level of master's degree/master's degree in nano-electronics. Domino English and japanese, I have certificates that guarantee it. In the same way I already have a year of experience in the area of supervision of projects within a large company (a company that has already abandoned you, as I exploded and I ended up just continuing there to complete my year of experience) and I have penalties 26 years, I believe that I am young. As you can see, I consider myself a professional, prepared, and thus the illusion of all my life was always to have a peaceful work, related to my profession and well paid. That's why I killed the tabs studying, working and others. I think to comply with all requirements (or more) to work in a large company related either to the preparation of designs, to the electronics and/or programming. However, my major disappointment is not finding a job that matches my. Because when you get to the web site of the companies you can send your resume to call you to an interview in the future, but in any side, you can see the available vacancies and positions for which there are such vacancies. So they end up offering me jobs are ill-paid and/or where it is exploited a lot of the worker. Or offer me jobs that didn't even have to do with me (seller, assistant, etc). I have already gone to job fairs, and just say "Leave your resume and call you", if I ask you that are vacant, they say they don't know. In the same way as a professional, I only offer posts of "trusted Employee", which is to say that although the pay will be "fairly" good, I explode a lot, since they're "trusted" and your contract allow them to do so (up to 13 hours a day). And if I want to respect the day of legal (8 hours per day) I only offer posts of "Labor union", that is to say, the hours are fair, but very little pay. Since I don't know what to do, I don't know where to look. How and where can I find the svacantes for executive positions of "high standing"? Where can I get those positions of the bosses that charge a lot and work little? It hurts to think that fights both in the end will not achieve my dream, and simply be an employee of the heap. Since I don't ask to be boss, at least I want a job quietly and well paid and that gives me time to be with my family. Please, I'm from Mexico. Tell me where do I go to find the job of my dreams (or rather, the position of my dreams). May as well not ask you to be chief or leader, but I'd like my years killing me in the school to give me at least a peaceful work (that is to say, that I do not explode in hours/work) and well paid. I have already been equal to government offices and only contact me with Mypimes (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), and in these it is impossible to find a job quiet/well-paid, big companies don't open the doors more than by web, and the web never say the posts that ask for, and in large enterprises of government. you only want to blow you away. To my small-they told me that if I studied and prepared myself I was going to have a good and peaceful life... And I don't have that. I feel sad and frustrated, I just want a peaceful work, paid and to let me live with my family.


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I. Hi mate, I feel your situation because I empathize with her: I find myself in a very similar situation, with the difference of not having virtually any training in any field and suffer from a chronic disease, of all forms you should always try to see the glass as half full. My only suggestion is perhaps very brief, I only know the possibility to enroll in an "ETT" (temporary employment agency), firms are manage by the user, concerning types of work and contracts, always on the basis of the training and prior work experience of the person. I think that with your extensive resume, it is possible to achieve a position commensurate with what you deserve. In my case, the ETT I know best is Adecco, maybe you already know this possibility but I had to try it. I think the ideal, for people that have a lot of training, is to go to several ETT, not only one, in this way the asesoración will be more nourished, expanding the range of employment opportunities. These are some of the options in Mexico. [http://www.adecco.com.mx](http://www.adecco.com.mx/) [http://www.ett.com.mx/home.php?lang=es&sec=home](http://www.ett.com.mx/home.php?lang=es&sec=home) [http://www.bestpeoplemex.com](http://www.bestpeoplemex.com/) General business (by districts) [http://www.indizze.mx/directorio/empresas-trabajo-temporal-etts-mexico-all-42591](http://www.indizze.mx/directorio/empresas-trabajo-temporal-etts-mexico-all-42591) A lot of encouragement.


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