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What is this utility for Android?

It is something that from a long time ago I tried to find as a year ago, I had used this functionality but it was only out of curiosity and I don't find it by any side, this is what I am talking about is a utility for Android, or an application that generated playlists according to the genre using a grid but I especificaré better what I mean: It is something that I found on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0) but to a previous version of Android (Android KitKat 4.4.2) currently, this up-to-date to Lollipop 5.1.1; this functionality is something that I remember very well in your presentation but if not as it is called! I hope you can understand my points that I will give you below for if you know this utility: 1 - it Is an interesting design when I saw it for the first time, since that allows to generate a playlist using a grid. 2 - the grid was like 5x5 or 6x6. 3 - In the corners, they put in some musical genres such as classical, rock, pop, and I don't remember the last or I think it was more like features of the songs as gentle, intense, moderate, etc but I don't remember if that is what was in the corners of the grid. 4 - When you select a cell, are generated according to the songs that I had in the memory of my tablet, a playlist by the selection given, that is to say, if I chose a cell between soft and moderate, appeared to me the songs based on this selection. 5 - The other thing to note is that this utility is not governed with the genre of the song, that is to say, not determines your selection for the tag that contains the mp3, I think I rather use a method of spectrum analysis of hearing to determine which will be the songs most appropriate for the selection that you chose; I say this because the majority of songs I own, do not have complete their tags and information each time you selected a cell at random, I got the songs in my selection, for example, he chooses the cell in the upper-left corner, the tip and the feature "smooth" as I appeared all of the instrumental songs that I have on my device! To be honest, not if this utility is lost from an Android version to another or is that it is a functionality of an application in specific but I would like to find as it is called, and at least use it again! I hope to receive very good news about it and that my points are enough clear information and accurate!


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I. Hi mate, I don't know the program you're looking for, I just wanted to try my luck with some that I found similar. Good luck. [http://tecnologiamaestro.com/crear-playlist-o-lista-de-reproduccion-desde-carpetas-con-playlist-organizer-android/](http://tecnologiamaestro.com/crear-playlist-o-lista-de-reproduccion-desde-carpetas-con-playlist-organizer-android/) [https://www.synology.com/es-es/knowledgebase/Mobile/help/DSaudio/Android](https://www.synology.com/es-es/knowledgebase/Mobile/help/DSaudio/Android) (Players alternate) [http://appcrawlr.com/app/related/1396272](http://appcrawlr.com/app/related/1396272)


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