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May an administrator of a society grant powers of representation personal?

A person who holds joint administrator of suna society limited function, can grant powers to a family member so that the latter can sign the acts and operations of the office of the administrator? I.e. can you grant powers to his family so this can go to the notary etc to sign corporate acts with another joint administrator?


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The powers can be given to represent the company in numerous cases, there are a few powers standards which are usually applied and have the notaries, for example to open and keep bank accounts, sign contracts with customers and suppliers, to make some type of investment, etc I suggest that from the point of view of prudence should be reserved some powers they have as administrators entered in the register when they constituted the society. It doesn't seem logical that the Administrators are a joint tenancy and a power of attorney can sign a loan on your signature alone, for example.


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In my opinion this is not viable. The power granted by the General shareholders ' Meeting, to one or to another agent, but with a power of attorney granted by the joint administrator (or solidarity), the proxy cannot represent the society. Therefore, if what you want is that that agent can represent the society, the power must be granted by the Board of that same society. In any case, go to the Notary office nearest you, and ask that you clarify all your doubts (what they should do for free).


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