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I can answer, because I have doubts about the fights my dogs

I have some many questions and doubts about my dogs. It turns out that I have a pet dog very loving, but one day they started to fight evil, not as a game, but seriously. With my family we saw that the time step, and stopped doing so, but a week ago that I can not have them together. The one that has lost out is my shit-tzu is a dog that found themselves lost with only a few months and that we adopt the attacks come from my biggest bitch mixed breed of 8 years. We think that it may be by the 9 cats in my house, because my shit-tzu wants them as his children, then we know that the bitches with pups care for more than cats with their young. But, my dog mongrel the HATES because he has seen that my father pulled them out, ran from the house (because with 9 cats it is complicated to have an order in the kitchen) well, back to the topic of bitches, then we associate the cats to my dog mongrel are a negative reinforcement, because it is very close to my dad. In conclusion: How do I do in a situation of fight to stop it? (Why is my mom in a situation of desperation I threw them in cold water and did it but today it almost killed my shit-tzu and almost didn't give us the time to draw water from the faucet) and how do I stop the fighting? My next doubt is this: my dog shit-tzu has been hurt on the right leg but can't follow as well because of the insecurity that gives the patio is not going to the bathroom outside even though I know that my mongrel is enclosed in bone my doubts are about this: How do I do that I stopped being insecure and can go to the bathroom outside quiet? And two, what do I do if this happen again to curarles bites? (I've used gauze and peroxide, and not if it is correct the procedure), And finally how identified who is beginning and what do I do with the attacks to the other?


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In this case it has nothing to do with the cats, not directly, because the mongrel you are only showing your superiority as the alpha in the home, with the cats but the other dog is as complicated as you may feel that invade its territory and with respect to the person if he does not have much contact with dogs could this behavior be a part of jealousy towards the person.


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